Different Color in different CPU - Sketchup 2016

I am having a color problem in SketchUp, in which the same version is installed on different computers, but the file is in different colors. On the PC that has the Nvidia GTX570 Video Card is opaque colors. What it can be, because it’s the same file!

Could be differences in graphics card and their drivers or it could be differences in screen calibration.

What can be done? Sort out the graphics, maybe updating graphics drivers. Calibrate displays with proper calibration hardware.

What are the other graphics cards in the other computers?

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But the difference is very great. I’ll give you a print of the screens for you to see. Before I formatted from Windows 7 to Windows 10, there was no such big difference.
Is there some sort of calibration in SketchUp to do?

Sounds to me like either a difference in the model (shadow settings) or a difference in the screen.

Or maybe a different style?..

Different graphics drivers required. Make sure all drivers for all graphics cards are up to date.

There’s a little bit of control in SketchUp’s Preferneces>OpenGL but not much. You could turn off Use Hardware Acceleration and dump the rendering duties onto the CPU. May help but may not.

How about your monitor setup? SketchUp requires millions of colours (true colour) and you might get weird results if your monitor is set to High Colour (16-bit) or lower.

Or you might just be using the “Shaded” instead of “Shaded with textures” view setting in SketchUp.

It worked! I deactivated the newly formatted PC (Video Card GTX745), Acceleration Graphics. But on the other PC (Video Card GTX960M), it was still enabled.
It should be because the old video card does not support.
How useful is this option? Does it render better? I use VRay too, the performance will get worse?
In advance, thank you all for the help !! Thank you very much!

When you reinstalled your operating system, did you go to the Nvidia website to download and install the latest driver for your display adapter? If you just let the Windows installer manage things, it might have installed a generic Microsoft driver instead of the “real thing”.

Working OpenGL Hardware Acceleration is a requirement of all SketchUp versions since v.2017. Version 2016 is the last where it can be disabled. Without it, zooming and orbiting will be slow with all but the smallest models.