Collada export, osX and Sketchup

Hi everybody,

First of all I’m not a 3D expert so please be patient and eventually, sorry for my English which is not my native language.

I’m investigating a problem I met while trying to visualize a Sketchup model within ARkit from Apple.
Basically everything works like expected when you export from Sketchup without the “export edges” enabled. Unfortunatly I need to keep a Sketchup like rendering so I do need the edges.

Exporting the edges works but all meshes with smoothed edges turn full black as if the normals where inverted.

I’ve done a simple test to be sure it wasn’t due to anything strange during the modeling and to show you:

  • extruded a mesh from a rectangle
  • duplicated the mesh
  • rounded and smoothed an edge on the new mesh
  • exported using Collada with “export edges” checked

Now first oddity, once exported, osX preview (within Finder) already show the problem, we can see the mesh with rounded and smoothed edge is displayed in full black:

And unfortunately once into sceneKit, same problem.

Anyone has an idea of what’s going on here?

Could the Sketchup exporter be the flawed?

Any idea on how I could solve this?

To get the best response, you will probably do best to share some of the files that you are seeing the issue in…

Right, sorry, it’s so easy to test out I didn’t thought some files where necessary. Here you can find a test.skp and the COLLADA export named test.dae:

test.skp (24.7 KB)

(one file at a time for new users so the dae is just below, sorry)

test.dae (14.4 KB)

Export with these settings in the options :

Then :

test.dae (16.9 KB)

Tx Mike, so smoothed edges are considered as hidden geometry by Collada.

So to resume, there is no way to get hard edges only rendered once exported via Collada like what shows sketchup (pict below) right?

Yeah, SketchUp is a (flat) surface modeler…

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