Dark textures in 3DS models from SketchUp imported to ArcGIS Pro

3DS models from SketchUp imported to ArcGIS 3D multipatch feature class layer have very dark textures. When exporting same model as Collada, textures are OK. I have disabled lighting in ArcGIS. Please advise.

I don’t think there is a difference in the way SketchUp exports textures in 3DS or Collada. You might check the texture files each has created with an image editor or viewer, they should reside in a separate folder. I guess there is a difference in the way ArcGis handles imports. 3DS is an antiquated format, why do you want to use it?

I’ve tried Collada export, but it causes other issue in ArcGIS: When I drag model to scene it has all the correct textures, but after I place it, all textures disappear. My 3D layer multipatch seems to be ok, because it show other 3D models with textures.

The textures are probably ‘inside’ by the looks of it.
Check the model in ‘monochrome’ style and check for ‘reversed’ faces.
Monochrome is the most right icon in the Styles toolbar, next to the ‘shaded with textures’

I think the orientation of faces is correct. Maybe the problem is Collada export settings?

You have “Export two-sided faces” enabled. This is a bit convoluted way of telling that the export creates two faces for each SketchUp face, placed a small distance apart. It is not a good substitute of careful modelling and checking that all faces are correctly oriented. It is meant for the rare cases where an user has used a single face to show something and needs that the face is visible from both sides in other applications that are not as permissive as SketchUp as comes to face orientation. Otherwise it just doubles the face count and causes z-fighting in some cases.

Can you post your SketchUp model?

Thank you Anssi, here is my model.

Collada export test.skp (3.1 MB)

Exporting and importing back to SketchUp doesn’t change texture lightness values in either the 3DS or DAE format. DAE doesn’t preserve all the texture positions intact. The exported texture images look normal.

Issue of dark texture arises only when importing that model into ArcGIS as 3DS. Collada import keeps texture intact, but textures have other issues in ArcGIS: texture are not visible at all or there is flickering.
Please see attached screenshot from ArcGIS.

Another issue is scale. Strangely all models needs to be scaled up 120%.