Click on scene but camera position only moves a tiny bit at a time

Hi there

I have a fairly large model, with an intermittent problem - When I double click on a scene the camera starts to move to that position but then stops moving after a tiny distance. If I keep double clicking on the scene it slowly moves towards the final position in small increments but this takes forever.

I’ve had a look around, but don’t see anyone else with the same problem, although another guy in my office encounters it. Could it be just a performance issue?

Strangely if the scene is an orthogonal view, I can often get there easier by using the standard view buttons, but it’s less convenient than using the scene buttons which obviously contain various other presets like sections etc.

I should say, it’s about 250mb. I’d like to avoid uploading it if possible as it’s confidential.

If the scenes in question are utility scenes / modeling scenes then be sure to set scene transitions to none, it helps speed things up when working.

If the scenes are used in an animation, then you’re probably a little stuck…

That seems to have solved it, I wasn’t using them for animation. Seems so obvious now, many thanks!

You should only need to click once on a tab to move to that scene. Not that I think this was part of the problem, but just to save your finger the extra work !

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