Cleanup3 issue

CleanUp3 plugin was working properly, but now it shows a blank menu screen.
I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, restarted Sketchup and the computer, but there was no change.
What could be the problem?

Looks to me as if the HTML page isn’t being displayed.

What did you uninstall and reinstall?

What version of SketchUp? Please complete your profile.

I uninstalled the cleanup3 plugin and installed it again.
Sketchup 2017 Pro. I updated my profile.

What version of SketchUp?
What version of Windows?
What version of Internet Explorer is installed on the machine?

Been a while since I’ve seen this. Think it typically related to obsolete version of Internet Explorer or corrupted Internet Explorer version.

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Sketchup Pro 2017.
Windows 10.
I previously uninstalled Internet Explorer, it is not installed on my computer.

Internet Explorer can never be fully removed. The engine is used by Windows itself and many applications, like SketchUp. The “uninstallation” removes browser applications front end - but in the process then downgrades the Internet Explorer engine that Windows and other applications uses.

The only way to restore functionality is to reinstall it. Even if you don’t use the browser itself - since many applications will require a more up to date version of the IE engine.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Sketchup. Cleanup3 started working properly.
Thank you so much.