CleanUp black screen Windows


Installing was no problem, but I get a black overview when clicking settings by menu, “clean”. I use sketchup 8. This way I can’t change the settings. Clean with last settings does work though, but I don’t know what settings are default.
I’m using Windows 7 and google chrome. I’m not using IE, but have installed IE version 11.
I installed Sketchup 2015, same problem.

Attached a print screen of the Clean overview (black), first of menu CleanUp. As I can only upload one picture, I couldn’t upload the printscreen of the ruby console before using CleanUp, but it was completely empty (white this time). I could fill in something, it started at the curse for typing, but above was empty.
Can you help?


For the Ruby Console it’s best if you can copy and post the text.


What version of TT_Lib do you have?


What text? it is empty. I haven’t used the ruby console yet and don’t know what it does. I did reopen Sketchup 8 and let the ruby console open and then opened CleanUp, but same result.


The latest, as far as I know, TT_Lib2-2.9.13.rbz
I did not save it under the directory Sketchup is installed at first, later I did. Is that a point?
I have installed shape bender and that works fine.


What do you mean? How did you install CleanUp?


I downloaded cleanup and lib, which came in the download folder. Then I installed in from Sketchup with preferences and the files in my downloaded map. I can remember that shape bender said to copy first the files in the extention folder and then install it from Sketchup. So later I removed it and reinstalled it from Sketchup and files copied in plugin folder.


If you downloaded the RBZ files you only need to select the RBZ files from Preferences > Extensions > Install Extensions. This ensures files are installed correctly. There should be no need to move or copy files manually.
As for SU2013 it’s recommended to use Extension Warehouse from within SketchUp: Window > Extension Warehouse.

Before anything else I’d like to make sure the files are all installed correctly. So can you reinstall without manually moving or copying files?


I did, sorry same results, in SU 8 and 2015. By the way I did change the way of installing, because of the black screen. The installation in the right folder was not the shape bender, but the engineering toolbox, I think, that’s a .rb file.


hmm… this is difficult to figure out when there is no error message appearing…

I’m not sure what you mean by this? What is engineering toolbox?

I could try to remote into your computer using TeamViewer and see if I can debug this directly on your machine. Otherwise I’m not sure what to try - as I cannot reproduce this and I’ve not had this reported before by anyone else. PM me the ID if you want to try this.


Nice of you to want to help me, but I’d rather not send my ID over the internet. Can you give me your e-mail adress? Mine is cagcanoy at Do you mean by ID the IP adress or something? I heard there are more sort of IP adresses. Where can I find that?
Engineering toolbox is an extention/plugin too. I started with that one some time ago.