New to SketchUp 2016 no internet connect

SketchUp 2016 does not want to connect to net.
NO JOY 3D Warehouse.
What is

Is your Internet Explorer up to date? (Even if you use another browser, SketchUp requires IE to be installed in your Windows machine, Safari on the Mac if you are using one)


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Well I guess I won’t be using SketchUP.
I don’t have IE installed.
Thanks for fast reply.
PS: How do I un-register?

Question there . . How did you install windows with out IE in it ? . . I made Firefox the default browser and not IE . . But I have win 7-1 installed inside of Virtual Box to keep it contained hahahaha

I haven’t installed Windows from scratch for a long time, but I understand that today the installer asks what browser(s) it should install, and if you buy a machine with Windows preinstalled, the same happens when you log in for the first time. I don’t know if this applies outside the European Union where this procedure was forced on Microsoft. At least IE can be uninstalled from the control panel like any application.

I use Chrome as my default browser but keep IE installed for things that require it (SketchUp is not the only one). I don’t know what prevents GDR1944 from doing the same.


Also remember that no Extension’s WebDialogs will work, so you are talking about a crippled version of SU without IE…

on the mac ‘Safari’ is just another app, NOT used by SU itself, but it does install/update the core libraries needed, so it would be foolish to not keep it up to date…


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