Cleaning up DWG geometry


I’m trying to use a DWG file sent by an architect to model a house in SketchUp. I’ve cleaned up the geometry using some extensions:

  1. Drop Vertices by TIG to make sure everything is co-planer
  2. Make Faces by S4U
  3. Cleanup3 by TomTom.

I followed the advice in this Lynda video:

Its worked pretty well but some of the lines are not forming separate faces, eg the windows. I could fix this by drawing over them but does anyone know an extension that can solve this?

I ran Edge Tools2 but there are no gaps in the problem areas so not sure why the faces aren’t forming.

I have to model stuff from architects plans all the time so any advice appreciated. I’ve been told by the company who provides my SketchUp license not to bother even trying to clean up DWGs as its too problematic so would appreciate any opinions on this. Should I just model from scratch?

Many thanks

104_Cottenham House_DWG import_Architecture.skp (4.1 MB)

with Eneroth Face Creator

Thanks very much

Can you find any edges on the windows? I cant. Thats the problem area for me

Can you find any GAPS on the windows I meant!

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Wow amazing!!! I had no idea that function existed. How does it work if you dont mind me asking?

Select geometry > Right click > Intersect Faces > With Selection

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In addition to the great tips @mihai.s has shown, be sure to check out our full length learning course for working with CAD files in SU over at ‘SketchUp Campus’:

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thats awesome - thanks so much!

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