DWG to Sketch - Creating faces for a complex 2D shape

outdoor patio.skp (926.1 KB)

I imported this DWG file into SketchUp. Now I’m having trouble creating a face out of this shape, not understanding why. Any help?

Thank you!

There are many small gaps. Here I used Edge Tools 2 to show them:

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Hm… and what’s the solution for that?

Edge tools can close some of those gaps, you must set a distance of tolerance, for the ones that edge tools can’t close or it closes wrongly, you must do it manually. Sometimes it’s faster to redraw some of the geometry instead of trying to fix the dwg file.

Looking at the number of gaps in @3DxJFD 's screenshot I would guess that it would be faster to group the DWG lines and to draw everything anew, using the DWG as guide. If the result product is a 3D model I would skip the “2D plan” stage altogether and build a 3D model directly instead, again using the DWG as a guide.


especially since many elements of the dwg are symbols. Stuff like openings, chairs…
those things are not vital to making the plan in 3d, and it would allow you to draw and model step by step (walls, then slabs, then stairs, then…)

makes sense!! I will use the dwg only as a template. thank you so much for your help!

@vansm, don’t forget to lock the DWG group to avoid inadvertently moving the DWG, it makes your work a bit easier.