Chasing down the cause of repeated crash in Layout

Any thoughts are appreciated. I am experiencing repeated crashes in Layout while using my scrapbook for electrical symbols (which I have used for at least a year or more). As you can see in the attached clip taken just prior to the crash, the text notes space out; the screen begins to shudder when zooming, and then typically, crashes. Notes the “220V” and the “WP” outlet texts are widely spaced.

I opened and resaved the scrapbook. It did not work. I installed a Windows update and an Nvidia driver update last night. No help. I don’t have the scrapbook in the default folder and I am about to change that.


Screenshot 2023-01-30 075817

How about sharing the scrapbook?

Electrical Symbols.layout (40.4 KB)

I dragged the switch symbols to a new layout file, and the text alignment matched the text in the scrapbook. By that, I mean the S and the 2 (for 2-way) are within the blue boxes. In my original layout file that is crashing, the 2 are outside the blue box when editing. I have no idea why or what that means as yet.

So far I haven’t had any crashes and I’m not getting the wide spacing you show.

The crash is not immediate. I almost completed the ground level once before the crash. Thanks for your help.

I wonder if it’s something else and the scrapbook is a red herring. Since the scrapbbok is something you’ve been using for a while, it seems odd that it would suddenly be problematic…

By the way, if you would move your scrapbook items closer together and reduce the paper size, especially the width, the scrapbook window would show those elements more clearly. I made a quick modification here. I expect you could do a better layout of it, though. And I noticed some of the elements aren’t grouped or, as you mentioned, the text is outside the group.

And you’re welcome for what little help I’ve been.

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I think it is my layout file and not the scrapbook. I isolating the electrical plans from the first 12 sheets. See where that takes me.

Good luck.

Maybe it is an image. I’ve seen logo images cause LO to crash or fail on export. It’s been a while but I’ve also seen cases where components from the 3D Warehouse have been corrupt and caused problems in LO.

I had to finish my electrical, so I deleted it and started over. This afternoon I had a chance to go back to the problem file.

Strange, but as I click the first point on a light fixture symbol with the 2-point arc tool, a blue line runs from that point to the corner of the sheet. On zooming, the previous texts input space widely, then the crash. I have attached a window capture. Any thoughts? I will work on it more tomorrow.

Can you share the LO file? Probably privately; via a PM.

sure. PM through?

PM by clicking on my name and then Message. If it’s too big to upload directly upload to DropBox and share the link.

I see the diagonal blue line running up to the origin (top left corner of the page) and I see it in a new blank LO project. I’ve never noticed it before but it doesn’t last. Interestingly when I turn off Grid Snap in a new file the blue diagonal doesn’t show. It’s already off in your file, though so I don’t know what that means either. @adam ?

I did notice you have Stroke turned off in Shape Style so the arcs wouldn’t really show when you draw them.

The blue line is a minor display issue showing up as part of the arc tool drawing and is unrelated to whatever is causing the text to space themselves. The arc tool issue should actually be fixed in our next release, not that it helps this problem!



I have been working on my issues and I believe I have found the cause of the crashes. I believe it is Flextool doors and/or windows. I converted the dynamic component status (all Flextool doors and windows are dynamic components) to static components. On several doors, odd hidden doors in opposite hand appeared. I cleaned all the components. There have been no crashes or odd behavior since.

I am struggling to find a window workflow that works. I want to drag and drop and cut multiple faces, be able to move and resize and heal the opening, and not have a crash! Let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks for all your help.