Charred Wood Seamless Texture

I’m looking for a Charred Wood Lap Siding texture that is seamless. SU Texture club doesn’t really have what I’m looking for.

Something similar to this but lap siding not T&G or Square Edge.

How about editing a lap siding texture to give it that color?

Yeah I was thinking about that but if I add charred marks I don’t think ill be able to retain the seamless quality of the texture

I guess you’d have to be careful with the way you add the charred marks. On the other hand, the real siding wouldn’t be seamless. You could take a seamless texture and copy it enough times to make siding that is a bit longer than you’d need. Add the charring to that long texture.

All the wood grain textures I make are 6 feet to 14 feet long depending on the species. Of course I’m using images of real boards but you could fake it in Photoshop. You could make several versions so that you can avoid too much repetition.

That is very true but the seams wouldn’t line up in a vertical line like they would as a SU texture. I might end up modeling the lap siding and find a few different textures to repeat if I cant find just the texture.

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if adding charring, just don’t char near the borders of the image to try and retain seamless. Just leave the edge bit untouched maybe?

Could you use a photo as a texture and stretch it to fit? Maybe a bit down and dirty but if the photo is right it can come out pretty nice. I made this 40’ long building just now with a lorez .jpg of burnt cedar off of the googles. Bet you could find something nicer, just a thought…


You can find various texturs on this site.

I suggest as well. There are huge numbers of materials there seamless or not. But i don’t suggest searching with keywords (it misses what you’re looking for most of the time), go through category/subcategories and check them one by one.

If you’re going to render i highly recommend these websites for textures:

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