Changing the size of a window in Layout creates a background where there is none

changing the size of this scene window makes the background opaque even though the background is toggled off. Anyone know why?

I can direct send the layout and sketchup files. They are big files.

Any advice

By what method are you enlarging the model in the viewport?

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dragging the edge of the viewport window

Had you already selected a scale for the viewport? Try doing that before dragging the edges of the viewport.

William – I get this occasionally and the developers are aware of my case.

My SketchUp models have only one style and I assign specific document styles directly in Layout (the styles are SketchUp styles that are located in a folder that Layout accesses).

Whenever I copy a viewport that has a Layout assigned style from another file, there appears to an occasional issue where that style is superficially displaying as such but, like in your case, when I resize the viewport the viewport reverts back to the SketchUp default style.

It’s annoying but resetting the style in Layout to the required one solves it.