Changing the color of standing seam roofing material

I’m using one of the default Materials to show the standing seam roofing material on my roof. One of the videos I viewed seemed to indicate that the color could be changed from the default red color. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it.


You cannot edit material in the free web version. The Shop subscription for web and Pro both allow this. The pathway in Shop would be to go to your in model collection of materials which is under the house icon, top left of the materials window. Select the material you want to edit and press the edit icon of the pencil and paper. In Free if you do this you will be prompted to upgrade.

Hmmm… I’m finding my standing seam roofing red in the library. I can select it and use it to paint the texture of my roof. But clicking on the House icon only leads me to a collection of solid colors and a few textures. I still have a red roof.

PS: I’m using SketchUp for Web (paid version)

Please correct your forum profile, then. It’s misleading.

To edit the material in SketchUp Shop, go to the In Model materials and select the material thumbnail in the collection. Immediately to the right of the material at the top of the panel click on the edit button (with the pencil).

You’ll see the following panel open. Click on the red square to the right of Colorize.

Adjust the color as desired. Then click on Done at the bottom of the panel.

You must first apply the material to a surface so it is included in your model, then go to the in model materials (house) and edit that material. You cannot edit the default materials in the library.

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Sorry for the confusion. There’s a License Type in the Community Profile but the only web options are SketchUp Shop and SketchUp Schools. The header on my screen says SketchUp Web, not a choice in the drop-down box.

If you are using the paid web version you are using SketchUp Shop. You can select that in the drop down list.
Screenshot - 12_15_2020 , 3_28_58 PM

DId you get the color changed the way you want?

You are correct when you say “You cannot edit the default materials in the library.” So if you select the standing seam roofing material from the Materials Library, you’re going to get a red standing seam roof no matter what you want. The fact that the Edit button grays out when you select a material indicates that materials aren’t textures that can be colored. They are complete colored objects. Is that right?

You can’t edit the default materials, but once you have added a material to your model’s materials it becomes separate copies and then editable…

Hmmm… I’ve got that part of my model selected but the Edit button is still grayed out.

Selecting the object does not select the material. In the materials window select the in model materials (house) then find the material you want to edit and select that swatch in the materials window.

Or use the modifier key with the paint bucket for eye dropper tool to sample the material you want in the model space which will select that swatch in the materials window.

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Illustrating what EF* wrote.

When EF talks, people listen.

Ha, if only someone would explain that to my wife and kids! Thanks for the vote of confidence, it means a lot coming from one of the masters. Happy New Year.

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Aha! That’s wonderful Dave. Wow, just one day into 2021 and I’m already smarter than I was yesterday. Thank you!

PS: Does this still work if your roof is in a Group (as I think it should be)?


Yes it works if your roof geometry is in a group. You’re editing a material, not a group.