Standing seam roof


I’m modeling a house with a standing seam roof. Is there a tutorial or example of how to do this?


Generally a material would be applied to a flat surface to imply the standing seam roof. You could draw raised ridges for the seams and you could even draw the panels with the overlapping parts of the seam but you need to weight the investment in time and the appearance with the application. If the idea is to tell the viewer there’s a metal roof on the house, the texture will do that just fine. If the idea is to show how a standing seam roof is assembled, more detail would be good but you probably don’t need a full roof.

What is it you really need to show?


Thanks for the speedy reply. The material would be fine. I now need to find a source for the texture.


To start, there’s a red one included with SketchUp’s materials.

You can edit the color of it in SketchUp’s material editor or in an external editor. I suppose there are some other options out there. a Google image search ought to turn up a number of suitable images.

You might find something here.


Thanks again. This is very helpful.


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Hi David, I’ve done a roof like this recently, modelled and textured. Quite happy to send you the .skp and texture if you would like.