Changing individual skp files in a big drawing is taken into account just the first time

I’m trying to get a 3D model for a PCB for an electronic board made with Autodesk Eagle, Someone has developped an extension to implement in sketchup to import the drawing which consist of a main board with individual components, each component has its 3D skp model. Everything is fine the first time after launching, but sometimes I need to edit components by scaling or rotating them, if I do that in a second instance of sketchup and save them, in the original instance: if I re-launch the extension, changes aren’t taken into account until I exit completely sketchup and re-launch it.
is this normal? it seems that there is a hidden cache that isn’t correctly updated.

Any help is appreciated
thank you

Don’t understand.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free (Web). Is that correct?