Changing Imported DWG line Color and weight?

Hi I’m trying to Make the DWG that I’m using as an underlay have greyed out lines and possibly change the line weight. Using SKP Pro. I want my walls I’ve drawn to remain black. What is the work flow?
The DWG is a group. Walls are grouped. Both on Different Tags.
Thanks and I apologize in advance If this has already been covered.

You can’t change the line weight of individual edges in SketchUp but you could give the imported DWG component a tag and set Color by Tag and set Edge Color in the style to By Material.

Make sure you first correct the tagging for all of the edges in the .dwg. All edges and faces should be untagged in SketchUp. Only groups and components should be given tags.

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Another problem can be Profiles in Styles. If it’s turned on and set to more than 1, it can heavy up every line in your imported DWG drawing.

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Ok thanks, I was trying to set Edge color by Material but the whole model changed. I’ll try following that work flow.

Set the color for Untagged to black so those edges still look normal as you are drawing. After fixing the incorrect tagging of the edges in your import, the color of all of those edges will be displayed with the color of the tag you’ve given to the component.

Yea I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here. The DWG is on untagged.
When I set By Material in Styles everything turns grey including the walls.
It’s been a long time since I worked in SKP. I’ve attached the file. Appreciate the help.
Waldorf Render File.skp (5.7 MB)

The edges in the model along with some faces still have tags.

Screenshot - 1_25_2024 , 3_24_54 PM

The color for Untaggeed is set to white.
Screenshot - 1_25_2024 , 3_25_10 PM

As I directed previously, I removed the tags from the geometry. Then I set the color for Untagged to black, selected Color by Tag at the top of the Tags panel. You already have Color by Material selected for the style. For this example to show more of a difference between the black edges and the edges in the dwg component I set the DWG Import tag color to green.

Waldorf Render File Colored.skp (4.2 MB)

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Ok Thanks I didn’t see or know of that little button on the Tag panel. So Getting the DWG and all its parts onto on the same Tag then Select >“Color by Tag” > “Color by Material” > “Update Scene”
Thanks for the help!

Get all of the edges and faces in the DWG import untagged. Only tag the DWG component. Leave ALL edges and faces in the model untagged and give tags only to groups and components.

Tagging edges and faces just makes your work more difficult and opens you up to errors. Nobody needs that.

You’re quite welcome.

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Another option, not better just different, since you have Edges set to By Material you can select all the edges in your imported dwg and paint them.