Changing geo location from street view to satellite view?


I have a problem with the geo location in SketchUp make 2017on windows 10. How can I change the openstreetmap from street view to satellite view? I downloaded sketchup make 2017 on another computer and there worked it. I need the satellite view on my laptop. I hope somebody can help me out!

That’s a Pro-only feature. It worked on the other computer because Make starts out with a 30-day trial of Pro.

It´s not right. My friend uses Sketchup Make too and he can switch from street view to satellite view.

Your friend must be using the Pro trial. The Add Location feature with satellite imagery is a Pro-only feature as of May or June of this year.

No he said to me that he uses make version 2017!

Since you don’t believe me, look at this thread:



@Daver is correct. Geo Location can only be used by SketchUp Pro 2017. For the first 30 days of running SketchUp Make, you get to use all of the Pro features. It is likely that your friend simply installed Make after you did, thus still having access to the Pro features, after yours have expired.

And @DaveR is also right :wink:

Thanks for the catch! Monday morning… Guess I was still thinking of @Cotty 's Gallery update!

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