Geolocation Satellite image

Trying to find answers to which package I may need to upgrade to or if at all. I’m trying to create a shadow analysis using geolocation, but with a satellite view rather than map view. Sketchup Free only offers map view from what I can see. Would upgrading to Go offer satellite view? Am sure Pro would but don’t want to invest until i’ve confirmation. Am very much in the beginners camp so if I’m missing a trick to generate that satellite view via geolocation I’d appreciate being pointed in the right direction on that either.

Go does not give you satellite imagery. What you could do is find a supplier of satellite imagery, and buy the image for your location. Then drag that image onto your model, to insert it as an image. You would then need to carefully move and scale the image to match the map image that you have already imported. Here’s how it came out when I tried a quick test.

Note that the imported image is likely to be placed underneath the map image. You may need to raise the image upwards by 6 inches. Or you can go into Tags, and hide the Location Snapshot tag.


What Colin didn’t say is that SketchUp Pro does get you the imagery and the terrain. There is high res imagery available for many areas. With SketchUp Pro you could also use Placemaker which gives you more stuff that could be useful.

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