Changing colour of lines for a group of objects?

I have modelled a kitchen with existing and “to be built” cabinetry. I would like to indicate the new “to be built” cabinets using a different line colour (eg red) so that it stands out from the black lines designated in existing model. I would like to do this with a “hidden line” face style. Anyone know how to achieve this?

You can not use different styles in one scene (eg one cabinet in the back edges turned on style and the rest of the model turned of)
There are ways to accomplish this quickly in LayOut by stacking viewports wich have different styles attached.
In SketchUp, you could edit the style by changing the edge color setting to ‘by material’. This way, the edge color can be different for the cabinets and if you apply a transparant color on the faces, you can simulate ‘hidden faces’

hmmm you could “paint” the existing cabs with transparency (like glass) from the materials menu…

or place them on a separate layer and then select a “layer by color” to differentiate between old and new. (each visible layer can be a different color. (If I recall correctly)

This picture shows some painted with transparency and some just painted with a different color material. You can also make custom glass material and color and tweek the transparency too.

This one I painted red then edited the opacity

Thank you guys. I cant really color when I am in “hidden line” face style. It does not show up. I used line color by material for now. But it would be great to know if there is a way of doing it otherwise?

You could paint outstanding edges red in new cabinet components and the style ‘Color: By Material’.
And hide all edges in existing cabinet components (do not disable edges, for all edges will be invisible).

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Yes you can

  • Choose “color by material”

  • Open the group or component on witch you want to change edges colors

  • Turn style on “wireframe”

  • Select all edges (ctrl A) Apply the color you want on edges.

  • Turn your style to Hidden Faces


Differents materials & differents edges color


Thank you! As I mentioned I have indeed found this method to work. Thank you!

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