Changing colors of a matched photo

In photoshop I have been playing with changing the wall color, but it is a little ornery, and I thought - can’t I do this in Sketchup? Or is it just not possible? Can I use match photo to import a photo, select portions, and then take and tweak the colors? I am much more familiar with how to use SU then PS, but I never tried this technique in SU. In PS I selected some walls, then deleted them, then painted the areas with color, but it doesn’t look all that realistic - I have to learn how to do a mask and colorize layers and combine the layers to make it more realistic, and tweak the colors.

Of course, I have twin monitors, which sadly have slightly different hues to add to the fun.

And I thought it was going to be a snap? I can see the hours drifting away into the past…


You could make the texture image on a wall (painted from the matched photo) unique and edit it in the Materials window or better, send it out to PS and edit it there. Save the changes and go back to SU.

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