Changed viewpoint

When I export a scene from SU to Layout the viewpoint of the scene changes.

What am I doing wrong?

Did you updated the scene to the latest view in SU before you saved the model?

How do you do that exactly?

Right click on the scene tab and choose update or in the scenes window.

Tried that before and once again. Not working.

Show us some screenshots SU/Layout or the model…

Have do I save as screen shots? You mean pdfs?

I can send PDF of how image looks in Layout but how do I save a PDF in SU to send to you

It is not working when I do this

Is your scene set to save the camera view?
In LayOut, is the model viewport referencing the named scene or “last saved Sketchup view”?


In newer windows, you can find the “snipping tool” to create a simple screenshot (not a pdf).

[quote=“jamiewollens, post:5, topic:11196, full:true”]
Tried that before and once again. Not working.
[/quote]Also in menu Window > Preferences > General > Scenes and Styles > check “Warn of style changes when creating scenes”.