Chamfered Cube with Hexagonal Corners

A staple of crates in science fiction cargo ships I’ve begun to notice is having filleted edges with hexagons in the corners. I’ve been trying to model this but I’m running into some problems getting the broad faces of the crate to square up to each other.
Without getting into some long-winded description of the process I tried to get the crude attempts I’ll attach to this post, it’s essentially the isometric angles of the corner faces that are throwing me off.
It almost seems like I can’t achieve this with equilateral hexagons, instead needing a more “lopsided” solution.

I’m mostly curious to see how others would handle this dilemma, and I doubt I’m the first person to run into this.

HexagonalCorners.skp (124.4 KB)

Minor update: right after I wrote this, I had another go at it and I think I may have solved it.

The portion of the crate highlighted in orange is what was modeled first (the “face” and the “flap”). The rest is simply duplicates and rotations with the hexagons forming last. As you can see, these are not equilateral hexagons. While I could leave well enough alone, I can’t help but feel like I’m missing a trick.

Correct. I think I worked it out.

The trick was to take the corner of the octagon, duplicate it, and then position it at 45 degrees to make the “flap” that gets rotated around.
I guess now it’s just a matter of how everyone else would choose to scale this mountain.

I am certain that @jean_lemire_1 will come up with an elegant and simple solution but here’s mine:
Chamfer the cube. draw hexagon as shown . Move into place as arrow shows. Erase the extra


OK, Anssi asked for it. Sorry for the delay I am traveling in France and have not as much time as I would like for follow-up on the forum.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas. I just edited my post to reload the file in SU 2017 format.

Cube with hexagonal corners 3.skp (206.0 KB)


Another faster option.

Cube with hexagonal corners 4.skp (96.4 KB)

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