Honeycomb shelf

I am fairly new to Sketchup.
I am trying to replicate or copy one side of the 3/4" x 2.5" pine board I am using for a hexagonal shelf.
I started by using the polygon tool and drawing one section of the hexagon.
I now need to copy it 6 times around my hexagon.
I did make it a component before i tried copy and pasting using the Move Tool but cannot line them up around the radius of the hexagon (30 degree angle).

Thanks in advance

Pay attention to the VCB lower right, I am typing in dimensions.

circle: start on axis, 1’ radius, 6 sides
Offset tool: 1/2"
pencil tool: draw edges on one section
erase everything else
push pull: 1’
make component
rotate tool: Use axis as center, rotate copy with modifier key, make 5 copies.


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Isn’t it less complicated to use the polygon tool with circumscribed radius of 1’?


Thank you kindly!

Yes, I did this but didn’t mention it.