Chamfer Tool in Sketchup Free

_Hey Folks;

I’m new to this forum and to Sketchup Free 2017. Just started trying to learn how to use it yesterday. I’ve been watching the videos on Youtube. One of the videos I am watching, Part 4, is about building a hall table and in it the girl uses a Chamfer tool. I don’t see a chamger tool in the version I’m using. Where do I find the chamfer tool? Thanks._

Are you using SketchUp Free (online version) or SketchUp Make?

There isn’t a specific “chamfer tool”. It’s the Follow Me tool that is being demonstrated.
Screenshot - 12_24_2017 , 10_11_23 PM

In SketchUp Make 2017, it can be accessed in the Large Tool Set, Edit toolbar, or the Tools Menu.

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Hi, DaveR;

I’m using Sketchup Free Online Version.

Then it isn’t “Free 2017”. My first screen shot applies to SketchUp Free, the online version.

The video was not done in the online version but the same steps work.

Thanks, DaveR;

I really appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderfule Christmas and very
blessed and prosperous 2018.

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Happy to help.

And the same to you.

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