Brand new user, previous used AutoCAD (ancient experience)


I drafted for a couple years with AutoCAD 18 years ago, and did a little work in Mechanical Desktop. Going thru some sample exercise with the online free Sketchup… Yet to figure out how/if holes, chamfers, edge rounds, locating circle centers, are done in it. Hope to use it for woodworking, metal working projects. Anyone have a tutorial that goes thru stuff like this, or will I have to upgrade ( p a y !!!)?


These things can all be done in SketchUp. Exactly how depends on a variety of variables. With the web based free version they’d need to be done with the native tools. With the desktop versions you can do them with the native tools or there ar extensions that can make it easier.

My primary use for SketchUp is woodworking projects and it works quite well.

It depends on exactly what you want to do. In any case, if you are using SketchUp for commercial use, you need to use SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop because the free ones aren’t licensed for commercial use.


OK, new lingo here native tools"?


The tools that SketchUp comes with. As opposed to those that can be added to the desktop versions by installing extensions and plugins.

Here’s an example of chamfering the edge of a hole with native tools. This was done in SketchUp Free. A circle was drawn with the Circle tool. Offset to define the limit of the hole, Move to move the inside circle down and Push/Pull to complete the hole through the part.


Thanks, baby steps!


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