Challenging Complex Curve for fill

I am designing kitchen hoods for a living and cannot figure out how to fill a tough design so I can colorize the entire hood. I can line draw, or design the hood, and everything can fill in if it is a simple block or circle, but this has some odd dimensions. I have watched a ton of videos with no help and would like to rely on the communities support. If you can create a specific video for me… THANK YOU in advance. Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated. See the hood below. I know it is a crude drawing and I am not very experienced with SketchUp but hope you can help.HOOD.skp (88.1 KB)

You could use Fredo’s Curviloft to fill in the surfaces. Do you really want the sides to transition from flat at the back to bowed out at the front?

Well it depends on whether it is a wall or island hood. A wall hood would be flat and island hood would match the curve in the front.

Well, you’ll have to draw it the way you need it to be. Then you can use Curviloft to create the surface based on the edges you’ve drawn.

This is what I get from your model running Curviloft.
HOOD.skp (32.8 KB)

Thank you for your input. I know the drawing I submitted was crude. I was just quickly trying to get my message across. I am trying to use the extension but have not been able to get it loaded into Sketchup. It is just me as I am beginning to use the software. I appreciate your help. If you have any suggestions on the extension I am all ears. I am only using the free version of Sketchup, will that matter?

The type of SketchUp is not normally an issue.

Have you installed the Fredo tool using the Preferences > Extensions > Install Extensions [OR since v2017 Window > Extensions Manager > Install Extension] method…
You simply find the downloaded RBZ and install it…

The EWH and SketchUcation Toolset’s ExtensionStore³ can both do these installations automatically, without even needing to get an RBZ downloaded manually.

NOTE: for this particular Fredo-tool you must also install Fredo’s Lib to be able to use most of his tools…
Have you done that ?
It’s freely available…

Restart SketchUp after these RBZs are installed, to ensure everything gets registered properly…

I did get it to work. I did not download the specific Curviloft file jus the Fredo Tool. It was a second step in the process. I have used it and it seems to work. Thank you so much for your time and support. That will save me so much frustrations and put me way ahead of my colleagues in professional drawings for my clients. I really appreciate it. Have a great day.

Now that I have been able to create the hood with the Fredo tool, I am challenged with not being able to put anything on the face of the hood. I have attached two files. One showing what I want to do, and the second showing the hood I was able to create with the tool (thank you again). How do I place new items on the hood created with the Freedo tool? Any help is greatly appreciated.<a class=“attachment”

href=“//”>JCHB1 48 in.skp (761.6 KB)
JCHB1 48 in with trim.skp (157.6 KB)

JCHB1 48 in.skp (761.6 KB)

Based on your final result, another approach to making this would be to create a front view and a side view and then extrude the two and intersect them.

Trimming the excess:

Your original design layout included a straight line at the back and a curved one at the front. It was this requirement that prompted the need for a plugin.

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That is a great idea. I do have one question. Did you use the push pull tool to move the two items?


Jim’s example would use two Push/Pull operations followed by Intersect Faces and deleting what isn’t needed. With SketchUp Pro you could do something similar with two groups or components and the Solid Tools.

Or you could use Follow Me and make that hood in one quick step.

You really should be using SketchUp Pro instead of Make anyway.

Dave… thank you for the feedback. I just cannot justify the cost of Pro for what I am doing. I wish it made sense but it does not justify the expense. I have put the two items together after the push pull tool. I think that I have intersected the faces, but when I trim it removes more than needed. Maybe I am not intersecting the two together properly? Any additional suggestions?

I have put the two items together after the push pull tool. I think that I have intersected the faces, but when I trim it removes more than needed. Maybe I am not intersecting the two together properly? Any additional suggestions?

You missed Dave’s point! You are using Sketchup in your business. That is a violation of the license for Make.

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Oh… I did not realize that. That is different. I understand. Thank you for letting me know. I will speak with my supervisor then and discuss the situation with him. Appreciate the input.