How do I fill in compound curves


I am drawing a building with round top and back and I cannot do is a screenshot of what I am trying-

can I get it to fill in where the lines are? Thank You


It looks “filled in,” although it’s pretty hard to tell what you’ve got there judging only by the picture. You should upload the model.



Fredo’s CurviLoft extension will allow you to generate surfaces between cages of curves:


I am not really computer savvy so what do you mean by upload the model? Here are some more screenshots of how I started. I need the roof and the back to fill in-

maybe this will help explain what I am trying to do. Thank Uou


Try this:




Hello, the same way you saved your screenshot… From the upper left hand File tab click and scroll to “Save As” and choose a location or create a folder for complete, in progress. Or how every you organize or feel comfortable with. Then use the same arrow (up-load) icon and go to (browse) the model file location folder instead of your screen shot folder and select it. Then click upload, and you in…


Thanks for all the help but I have another fill problem I cannot solve. Here is a screenshot-

="/uploads/default/4160/960cf1a69f0aabc6.jpg" width=“625” height=“500”>
I need to fill in the rounded angular section. I tried the technique “gully foyle” showed me but it would not work. Or maybe I did something wrong?


This may help, I shows by hand // SU native tools and some extensions. Best way to figure it out is lots of practice. Try drawing odd shapes and screwing around with them… seeing what does not work WILL lead to an answer. Or to a trick that you can apply or develop somewhere else.

SEND FORUMS.skp (145.2 KB)


If I understand what you want, this should work:



Once again Thank You. Your suggestion worked great! I guess it’s all in knowing what you are doing. Maybe I need to go back over all the sketchup videos again. Thanks again for your help. Tom