Curved Kitchen Hood Design

I’m trying to draw a curved Kitchen Hood Vent. It has curves on 3 sides. Left, Right and Front. The curves on the sides are different then the front (Compound Curve) so the “Follow Me” feature wont work. Hood-Kitchen.skp (2.3 MB) I’ve attached my drawing. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

If the curves on the sides are the same as the curve on the front you could use Follow Me. If they are different curves, you could use Curviloft from Fredo6. Get it through Sketchucation.

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The curves on the face are different then the sides. Can you provide a link to this “Curviloft” Feature please.

Curviloft is available from Sketchucation: Make sure you also install LibFredo6.

This one is not much of chore with native tools.


Especially with the Sandbox from Contours tool.
Hood-Kitchen2.skp (60.6 KB)
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