Cfiles exception 3


i have often this bug : cfiles exception 3… and sketchup close without saving my project.
Does everyone has already had this problem, and how resolve this one?

Thank you

what location do you save?
does it exist?
try to set the model path in window>preferences>files to your C-drive and try to save there, does this work?

According to Microsoft developers’ network:

CFileException::badPath 3: All or part of the path is invalid.

So @MikeWayzovski’s questions are on the right track. This kind of error can happen if you are saving to a networked or other remote drive.

I save the file under a folder on the desktop. Not in a networked.

Then, did you install SketchUp the right way? Meaning: Right-clicked on the downloaded installation file and choose : Run as administrator. If not or not certain, do it now and you will be prompted to ‘repair’. Choose ‘repair’

I do this but there is always the same problem…

I have read of cases where windows blocks saving to desktop subfolders…

have you tried saving to documents?


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