CFileException 2 when trying to save in sketchup

Is the file local or is it in cloud storage or a server?

It turned out to be a problem with the memory stick it was saved on. Luckily the file was saved from the memory stick by someone before the memory stick broke.

Hi, so what is your solution?

Huge problem CAN’T Save at all…Capture%202

You seem to be running quite a lot of plugins. Does the problem occur if you disable them?

Can’t tell you, I just reset the Windows 10

The tech support has not get back to me for days. need to get onto work. I solved by take a little risk of resetting Windows and uninstall everything on my pc, under window security “refresh window”

Now it saves… but downside, it is another day of reinstall everything…

Was doing some research this morning and posted this: