CFileException 0 error

Suddenly a file I’ve been working on for several weeks gives me CFileException 0 error code when trying to save the file. I try a saveas version that works for the first time, but when a try a save even on these versions I get the same message. I’m working on a stand alone 2020 version of sketchup. I have not changed any of my malware software. Has anyone come up with a solution to this?

I get this error when I use a certain exporter extension. It’s happened for many years.Turned out the exporter won’t “let go” of the SketchUp file. At least in this case it’s a problem with the extension, not with SketchUp so not on Trimble to fix. I know it will happen if I save after running the extension so I save before running the exporter. The file does get saved even with that error but it gets a new file name. Save As works, too.

Thanks for this info!