Centering a Sketchup image before sending to LayOut

Hi there,

When I create a Scene and Save the Sketchup File, I understand that the last saved view will be the view in Layout. What I noticed and don’t know how to change is that the image seems centered once I save it, but when I go into Layout, part of it is cut off sometimes. Is there a way to show the exact centered view before sending it to Layout? Like highlighting or selecting a rectangular shape around the image?

It depends on the aspect ratio of the model window and the aspect ratio of the paper size you’ve selected in LayOut. The viewport might get sized a little to fit the aspect ration of the paper when you insert the SketchUp file. You could resize the SketchUp model window so it matches the shape of the paper and then set up your scenes. Probably easier to just resize the first viewport to suit your model when you get it into LayOut.

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