Centralising Images


Hi Guys,

I’ve set up some templates in Layout, for when I transfer a drawing from Sketchup.

I use the ‘Ortho’ model, and present it in first angle projection.

The image within the box when it is generated isn’t always central (although it is sometimes). How do you get this central? I’ve attached a picture to show what I mean.

On my drawing, all the ‘blue’ boxes are evenly spaced, but as you can see, each image is too far to the left - how can I centralise the image to the box?

Thanks a lot


In SketchUp, make a scene for each view and use Zoom Extents to get the model centered in the drawing window. Then use those scenes for the viewports in LayOut.Use caution resizing the viewports if you need to do so and resize them about the center.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply.

Apologise if this is really basic, but how do I do that in Sketchup?



How do you do what in SketchUp? Use Zoom Extents? Look in the Camera menu or on the Camera toolbar for it.



Sorry, yes as I just get the view as below:


That indicates you have some stray entity at a long distance from the rest of the model. Delete the stray and try Zoom Extents again. Probably the easiest way to find it is to drag a right to left selection box encompassing the right side of the drawing window. Then hit Delete and hit Zoom Extents again. If you deleted the offender, you’ll zoom in on the model. Otherwise keep trying.


Hi Dave,

Brilliant, thank you for that! It’s solved my problem :smile:

Thanks for your help.


Excellent! You’ll want to keep an eye out for those distant strays and clean them up. That’ll be useful in presenting some issues such as clipping. Besides, it’s just a good idea to practice good housekeeping as you are modeling. Failure to do so winds up creating more work for you as your model gets more complicated.


Yes you’re right!

Unfortunately that stay ‘something’ is actually saved in my template :joy: So I’ve had issues like this before!

Time to re-save it :smile:



Yes. it sounds like it. Before saving the new template, take a moment and go to Window>Model Info. Click on Purge Unused also.