Carte graphique gtx 1650 ou RTX 2060 pour sketchup


Je souhaiterai m’acheter un nouveau pc mais j’hésite entre deux pc qui ont les même configuration à l’exeption de leur carte graphique, l’une est a un gtx 1650 et l’autre a un rtx 2060.
Quelqu’un pourrait-il me conseiller lequel est celui qui marche le mieux sur sketchup ?



rtx 2060.

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I would choose for the PC with an RTX 2060 video card.
See below the benchmark of both cards.

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Thank you !
the pc with rtx 2060 is a bit heavy for me to carry around (Im a student). Is the 1650 not enough for sketchup or it’s still work fine ( running with a files around 150mb for example)?

When I was a student, I was much stronger than I am now … :wink:

The “difficulty” of a Sketchup model doesn’t necessarily depend on the size of the file, but rather on the geometry that’s in it.
If you look at my profile I have a GTX1050 (a little weaker than the 1650) at home and in 99% of the time it works pretty well too. Of course, the stronger the better … You have to make a compromise.


Thank you so much ! !!!