Graphic card ge force mx 150

I’m going to buy a new computer and i found one second hand really good (16go RAM 500 SSD i7 and small) but the graphic card is an integrated intel UHD graphic 620 with a Ge Force MX150
I’m used to work with the free version of sketchup 2017, is it going to work ?
It’s for construction of set and objects projects (not professional architecture or interior design)

My small laptop has the “slightly more powerful” MX250 graphics “card” that works with SketchUp without problems. With an up to date driver it should work.

It is far enough ! You will have to make sure to set up correctly what hardware will be used for SketchUp though, as you’ll have the possibility to switch from the graphic card (anssi quoted “card” because it’s not really a card, more like a chipset too, but it acts like one) to the chipset.

Thanks a lot, is it easy to do this settings?

yes, and you’ll just have to do it once, if not already correctly set !

here is another post by @Anssi explaining how : 2020 LayOut poor performance

the mx150 performances are close to the gtx 1050 (almost as good)

thanks a lot that ends a long research !!

I do not agree. The GTX 1050 is much better. However, the mx 150 does the job, just more slowly. We (my wife and I) have both. You can guess who has the better… :slight_smile:

well everything is relative.
I based my statement on this :

for a 30W consumption compared to the gtx1050’s 75W, looks pretty fair to me !

Sure, yes it is relative. In some (normal?) cases you will not see significant differences, but when the edge / face count is higher, more complex model you can.
My wife inherited the laptop from me with the MX150 and I kept the new one with the GTX 1050. Both are with the same processor and some models move much smoother with the new …
(But my company PC the Quadro P2000 even better :wink: )