Is i5 1035g1 enough for sketchup?

I want to use a laptop(I51035g1 8gb ram 256 ssd
NVIDIA GeForce MX110) for sketchup. Is this specs enough?

Regarding the graphics card:

I think I’d look for a computer with a suitable graphics card. Nvidia GTX 10xx or 20xx series cards would be better.

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I chose my new laptop almost solely for portability so it has the Nvidia MX250 GPU. It’s slower than my desktop (RTX 2070) but still quite workable.

Compared to my laptop, @Onl1XONE’s CPU rates only slightly slower, the GPU perhaps noticeably so, but I would guess that you can build small models quite OK. The laptop I replaced was way slower than anything now discussed, it took ages to load SketchUp but once loaded, it worked quite OK with my generally small models.

The problem with the mx-gpus is the used video memory. They support DDR5 Memory, but to save money the notebook manufacturers using DDR3 memory - and this type is much slower…
And you did not get a info on your laptop specs, witch type of memory is used.

With SketchUp, before going to the GPU and screen, all data must pass through a single CPU thread so the most important requirement about a GPU is that it exists. In practice it sits there waiting for the data from the CPU to come. My old desktop has a Nvidia QuadroFX 1800 card with 768MB of memory and 64 CUDA cores and even that runs SketchUp quite well even as it doesn’t even fulfill the stated hardware requirements. I wouldn’t use it for rendering, though. The MX250 runs circles around it.