AMD Ryzen 3700x + NVIDIA GTX 2060 + 16gb RAM slow for working with models


My new client got problems with this new PC.
She buys a Ryzen 3700x with 16gb of ram and gtx2060 6gb… And she got a lot problem on modeling, always the sketchup appears “not responding”, and the cpu, gpu and memory have a low very low workload…

What should I do to fix it?

I would be best if the forum members could work directly with the client as this possibly could be a workflow issue or hardware settings.

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Workflow issue?

There are a lot of unknowns… how big is the model? What extensions are loaded? What style is active… or would be best to start by looking at one of the models that is not performing.

How to determine the size of model (“how big”)?
I will try to find all informations to get better answer…

Does the system carry the 2060gtx only?
Maybe there is a integrated graphics card on board also and you need to start sketchup with the right graphics card.

Right click on the model from within File Explorer and choose Properties.

As for what @tengel07 said:

Close SketchUp.
Right click on the desktop, and from the context menu choose “NVIDIA Control Panel”. Go to 3D settings, and set SketchUp to use the GTX 2060.

Even more important is the face and edge counts reported by the Window menu>Model Info>Statistics window with “Show nested components” checked. When these run into millions, slowdowns are inevitable.

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