Canvas by Occipital can't open new downloaded sketchup file


Apologies if this shouldn’t be a new thread, I’d be grateful for advice on this

I use Canvas by occipital for 3d scanning - they then send me skp files of my clients homes.

I have used the service many times and have had no trouble opening the files on my Macbook Pro until last week.
I downloaded a newly sent file and when I tried to open it for the first time sketchup came up with an error message “file not found or invalid”. I’ve tried downloading it again but the same error message occurred.

Occipital came back with the following message

“I wasn’t able to recreate your experience on my end. The file opened up as expected both using SketchUp online and a standalone viewer, but it looks like the error you’re seeing could be related to something else according to these SketchUp forum posts”

I’ve read the two forum links but they don’t really relate as they are referring to previously opened files and the method of saving whereas I haven’t actually opened the file yet. I have recently updated to Juno so might this be the culprit?

Any help would be really appreciated
best wishes Helen

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile.

We have seen cases where files get corrupted when saved to the cloud. This isn’t specifically a problem with SketchUp but rather a problem because data gets dropped during the upload or download operation. Perhaps the service can send you the file again, maybe via a different pipeline.

Hi Dave
Thanks so much for responding. I’ve updated my profile I’m using sketchup pro 2019. Good suggestion to get the file sent using a different method I’ll try that out and report back
best wishes Helen

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Hi Helen,

Good luck. Thanks for updating your profile. That info can be helpful in helping you.

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Occipital re-sent the file via a different method and that solved the problem - thanks for the suggestion Dave - much appreciated

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Happy to hear that was the solution, Helen.

Out of curiosity, what was the method they first used?

They send a link within an email which takes you to a download hub on their website
Best wishes Helen

Hmmm… Hopefully the other way continues to be more dependable for you.

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