Can't open Sketchup file sent from Canvas

I have been using the Canvas service to convert 3D lidar scan data to a Sketchup model. It has worked fine til I got a new laptop, and now I cannot open the files sent to me by Canvas. I have been using Sketchup Pro 2022 til I got new laptop, whereupon I downloaded Sketchup 2023. Sketchup technical support has recommended that I update my NVIDIA graphics card (have done), ensure that the NVIDIA graphics card is the default used by Sketchup (have done) and update my Windows settings accordingly. Have done all that, and still can’t open the files from Canvas. The graphics card I am using is the NVIDIA GE Force RTX 3060. There is also an integrated graphics card Intel Iris XE. I can run Sketchup just fine for the models that are already saved on my laptop. I just can’t open the new ones sent by Canvas. This is a real problem tho. Have reached out to Canvas as well. Anyone else experienced this?

Do you get an error message?
You should post one of the files you have got from Canvas so others can try, and perhaps @colin could see if the files themselves have got corrupted.

Yes, I get the Sketchup bug splat. I don’t think it’s corrupted because I downloaded and opened on my old laptop. The reason I got a new one was on the old one, Sketchup began to crash. Not sure if it was a graphics card or RAM issue or what, but it just couldn’t seem to handle the load well anymore.

I downloaded a few of their example files, and they all open ok in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Can I try one of your files that causes problems?

sure! thanks! how do you want me to send it? Attach it here?

Scan To CAD XP55VTP9 (8).zip (11.8 MB)

this has all the files in it that they send. You’ll see the sketchup model in here as well

The included .skp file opened in SU2023 without any issues for me. The same for importing the .dwg and .dae files.

So what do you guys think it is? Is it the fact that I have two graphics cards? It’s got to be something with the new laptop.

What do you use to unzip the file?

I just click on it and it unzips

Well, one can do that on a Mac, but on Windows it would take an extra step.
Here’s how it looks on my phone:

Yep that’s it. Just a small model. I’m wondering if there’s some security setting that is preventing it from opening.

Could be, the windows unzipper is activated by rightclicking on the zipped folder and then choose ‘extract…’
If you have installed another extractor, it would display in the context options.
Just doubleclicking on a folders and files inside a zipped file works for less comprehensive fileformats, like textfiles etc.

Ok. Except that my method for clicking on the zipped folder still works on the new laptop. It displays all the files including the sketchup model. I just click on the model and it has always opened before. Just not now. I have not installed any other extractor on the new laptop.

I use 7-zip to open Zip and other compressed files.

I wonder if you installed SketchUp on your laptop correctly. That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer file and selecting Run as administrator from the context menu.

I guess I could try it again. I’m able to run Sketchup on models already saved on my computer. But it’s worth a try I guess.

OMG you guys. I’m so sorry. I decided to try and unzip/extract the files again, and it did take an extra step from what I’ve been used to, but I was able to get it! Thanks for all your replies. So helpful. Will come to this forum more often! Thanks again.

One interesting thing, I currently have Safari set not to extract zip files, as part of a test I was doing. When I downloaded the sample Canvas files they came directly as SKP. Otherwise I too was wondering whether OP was trying to open a ZIP file.

It’s possible that when you download multiple files they do zip those together.