Can't Zoom in without the Model creating "section cuts"

When I zoom in the model disappears outside the area I am zooming in on and it looks like it is being cut like a section cut. I was working on a model that was fine, I did a save as and continuing working for a week and it has gotten buggy. The other problem is I can’t place objects from this sketch model to my layout drawing for this project

That’s called clipping. It commonly occurs when the Camera is set to Parallel Projection or when part of the model is located at a huge distance from the rest of the model. If you share the file we can take look and try to help you out.

Thanks for helping!

I tried both those fixes and it didn’t seem to help, my suspicion is there is a bug in there from an imported model because I also have the Layout import issue.

I will share, give me a moment.

Sorry, I have forgotten how to share the model, how do I do that again?

If it’s not larger than 16 Mb drag and drop it into a reply. Otherwise upload it to DropBox and share the link.

So that’s the back up file. I’ll take a look at it but it may not match the current version of the .skp file.

You were right about it being a component from the Warehouse. There’s a vanity with a mirror position a very long way from the rest of the model.

Give me a few moments to clean up the model and I’ll send it back.

I deleted the distant vanity. Then I fixed the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 9_12_2023 , 2_09_26 PM
Purged unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 9_12_2023 , 2_11_24 PM
And resized some excessively large textures. That reduced the file size by about 60%. Here’s the link to the purged file.

that is so awesome, thanks, what do you think is happening with placing things in Layout, it doesn’t recognize the model for some reason. I will see if this purge helped.

thank you again, I can’t tell you what a relief this is, that was a lot of work I was going to lose!!

I’d have to see your LayOut file.

I just updated to 2023, it was either that or the improved model that you gave back to me but it is working now.
However the Layout file is quite large, do you have any tips on how to clean that up, it is 423 mb!

Good deal.

I suspect you’ve got a bunch of unused content. Try going to File>Document Setup>References and clicking on the Purge button.

Will do! thanks again