Camera Position slicing through model

Fairly new to SketchUp and I am preparing a model for exporting to LayOut. I am used to rendering in Revit where you place the camera in model and once placed, your view becomes as though you’re standing in the model and you can pan and stretch the frame to get your preferred “scene”. Per an online tutorial I’m following, it is suggested to position the screen first and then use the Camera Position tool. The tutorial shows that the screen will now change to being “in the model” at eye-level and suggests to not orbit or scroll, only pan. However my screen does not change to “standing in the model”, my model is getting sliced through…the walls, cabinets, other components are all getting cut through. Undo does not “undo” this and when I scroll out or orbit, the whole model will slice through as I move about the screen.

Unfortunately I’m running into another problem right now where my file has grown too large to upload here. I’ve purged and deleted a bunch of accessory components, but it’s still too big. So if you’re able to help with two problems… :confused:

Sounds like you are suffering from clipping, search the forum for lots of info on it.
Perhaps you are working in Parallel Projection rather than Perspective.
Perhaps you have some stray geometry a long way from the origin.
Upload your model to dropbox or similar and paste a link to it in a reply here.

Thanks for the point on clipping! Changing to perspective resolved the issue I think. On another post, I saw a suggestion to copy and paste the model into a new project to help with clipping and it looks like it also helped with the file size. Originally 150MB and now 40MB. Still too large to share here with a 14MB cap

If you are sharing a google drive document you need to make it accessible if you want us to look at it.

Apologies, I thought I had selected “anyone”. I am tired.

I don’t see any clipping or other weird behavior in the scenes in your model and in LayOut they all appear to behave.

I see some incorrect tag usage. Fixed:
Screenshot - 1_10_2022 , 9_13_04 PM

Purged a little bit of unused stuff.
Screenshot - 1_10_2022 , 9_13_36 PM

Overall, it looks like a decent model. A few reversed faces on the chair and desk as well as the TV but those would be easily fixed.

And the quilt on the bed might not need to be sculpted as it is. Still pretty respectable work especially for a new user.

Thank you so much for your time and effort! I believe the clipping was due to being in the wrong perspective as another user pointed out and I was able to finally “stand” in the model. I can’t take too much credit as many components were imported from the 3D warehouse which I’m sure added to the file size. I do feel rather good about designing my kitchen and entertainment center!

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