Can't zoom in to the modell


I have tried zoom extent, camera views. group and explode etc. But I can’t zoom in to the model. Please help.

The file i available in the link.!AtEigVFlcvYXh6YeG04zxRyE66CQwA?e=kSc6De


Very likely you have some text entity at a great distance from the rest of the model. I’ve been cleaning it up in an attempt to get it sorted for you. So far I’ve gotten this with CleanUp and Purge All. I’m waiting on a Validity Check to complete.
Screenshot - 4_23_2020 , 9_50_13 AM

Screenshot - 4_23_2020 , 9_49_13 AM

Hi Dave,

Thank you so much, so very nice! is it possible for you to upload it here or somewhere for me to download it?

thanks for such fast reply, very nice

You’re quite welcome. I’m still waiting for the validity check to complete. It might be faster for you to install CleanUp3 from the Extension Warehouse and run it as well as Purge Unused from Window>Model Info>Statistics.

I ended up quitting and reopening the file. I ran an extension called RescueMyModel which found some things at a huge distance from the origin. Your model is still pretty far from the origin.
Screenshot - 4_23_2020 , 10_01_35 AM

I’ll try cleaning it up again.

You seem to have stuff scattered all over the model space. Do you really need it that way?

OK, great, really happy to get your help. I am not that experienced in extensions and trying to fix things like this. This is definitely something i need to learn more about in the future, if you can help me now i think that would actually be the fastest for me. This has never happened before for me.

no, i dont need all the extra stuff all around the house, only the house and the outdoor furniture right outside.

I ran CleanUp again and I’m waiting for the Validity Check. No idea how long it will take. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever had a model where it took this long before. On the other hand, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much cleanup done as in this model, either.

Ok, so embarrassed! I have thought my self how to use sketchup, so i am kind of new to this. And learning as i go.

No need to be embarrassed. You have to learn somehow. It’s easy to get going and lose track of things, too. I’ll keep working on it a little more and see what I can do.

Out of curiosity, what is your plan for the model after you have it completed? Are you going to go to LayOut with it?

I really appreciate it. So nice!

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I am going to try to draw it up in auto cad, and then actually build it. I dont know what LayOut is.

LayOut is the documentation tool with SketchUp Pro.

Do you need any of this stuff?

ok, no i dont need that

So I appear to be down to this.

Is there more that I can remove?

Hmm, looks like there is no walls left and roof etc

This is and older version of the house.!AtEigVFlcvYXh6YfG6D_TKRyuaTJpQ?e=csJl1y

I have probably made a million misstakes so its all in wrong etc, so its a mess and all my fault.

I’m starting to think that it would be easier if you start over on this one. Avoid adding all the heavy (file size-wise) components from the 3D Warehouse without cleaning them up first. There seems to be a whole lot of overly detailed components in your model.

Always bring components from the Warehouse into a separate file to clean them up before adding them to your house model. And if you decide to delete a component from the model, remember you have to purge it from the In Model components and purge the unused materials it brought with it.

I may be able to recover the walls. I expect they were ungrouped, right?

Ok, thank you! Lesson learned.Very nice of you to take your time and look at this for me.

I agree with Dave. Better start over. It is impossible for an outsider to know which of the items scattered over a large area like after an explosion are needed and which are not. Start your floor plan at the model origin point.

Ok, thank you!