Can't use the new app within Gmail education

After clicking the SketchUp app within or Gmail for education, I was advised to seek approval.
My IT department says the request is approved in Azure ??
However now I click on the app icon, it ask’s me to login. I do, using my edu account.
I get the notice “are you in the right place” but It will not let me log in. what else should I do?
I cant get past “Are you in the right place”

Our school district is experiencing the same issue for a majority of students.

I believe your IT department will need to request for Sketchup to whitelist your domain. They will need to post on this forum and they will know what that means.

Unfortunately Sketchup has totally removed the ability to email or speak with a tech rep so we are stuck in these forums hoping and waiting for help.

Speaking of which, our domain is and I would appreciate assistance from anyone from SketchUp reading this to whitelist it to possibly solve this issue.

Thank you for your response I really appreciate all the information. We are community college and I’ve been using sketch up for years trying to get it on are LMS. It’s not working. I have asked our IT department to put Google sketch up on the waitlist maybe buys me they have done just that. Thought I would reach out to see if I can get some more thoughts on the matter again thank you