Can't update Eneroth's Solid Tools

For at least the last 2 days, every time I open SketchUp (SU), I’m warned that an extension needs updating. So I go to the extension manager, see that it’s @Eneroth3’s Solid Tools. I click on Update - and it fails!

I have no problem opening and using both the 3D and the Extension Warehouse from within SU.

This might have started with the latest Windows auto update. I received it about 5 days ago, but didn’t use SU until yesterday. I just updated my profile with current Windows version/build information.


Log out and back in and see if that fixes it.

That fixed the inability to update - still shows an outdated signature. At least I’m now not being bugged to update every time I open SU!

I’m glad you got the update to work. Regarding the signature I can only say EW works in mysterious ways. I still don’t know why some of my Extensions are signed and others not. If the signature automatically added when publishing an Extension the Solid Tools should be signed now. I have other plugins installed on this computer that are listed as signed even though I know I haven’t manually dragged them through the extension signature portal on the way to Extension Warehouse.

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