Can't uninstall Podium v2.5 trial


I wanted to check out podium so I installed the trial, it ran out and now I cannot kill it. Extensions manager wont disable or uninstall it. Disable gets clicked, but even after applying changes when I reopen SU the tool bar is back and the trial is active. Uninstall is greyed out and does nothing there. Extension warehouse doesn’t list it as loaded. I tried managing it through sketchucation extension but no love. Tried downloading the “uninstaller app” from podium site but that appears to be for removing the full version and does nothing to the trial. This thing just won’t die?


You can try manually uninstalling it by removing its files from the plugin directory.


Did you try the manual install:

Manual method to uninstall V2.5.8 for SU 2018 on the Mac. Go to Macintosh HD\Library\Application Support\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp\Plugins\ folder and remove this file or folder.

SU_Podium_V25 folder
Macintosh HD folder is often referred to as the Global directory. It will be listed as one of your devices in Finder. If it is not listed in Finder, go to Finder Preferences, Sidebar and check Hard disks under Devices. You may need to go to the General icon in Finder Preferences and make sure Macintosh HD is listed in “New Finder windows show:”

Mac OS such as High-Sierra, often critical files and folders are hidden. To unhide and display files and folders, Hold down Cmd + Shift + . (dot) Then open Library —>Application Support Sketchup 2018 SketchUp Plugins.


Thank you both, that’s what I ended up doing, hunting down the files and moving them. All gone now.


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