Can't Select or Scale or Paint Objects

Hi, brand new to sketchup and having some issues with a file I have been working on.

Here are the broad strokes. I am currently under the 30 day trial subscription and was learning/ building a file with no issues. Finished my project and the next day I went to make some edits by scaling. After doing so I was prompted with an update( which I did) and then I wasn’t able to select on anything. I had been meaning to get a new computer because my hp envy was old and I thought this was a good excuse to pull the trigger so I bought a dell G3 that uses a nvidia GeForce gtx graphic card and windows 10 OS. But I am still running into the same problem with this particular file.

To be clear, the select tool, scaling, and paint tools all work if I create a new file or project, but the one that I was working on just won’t cooperate

is it because the file is too big? Is this because I am on a subscription trial? or do I need to do something in the backend to fix the issue?

Thank you in advance to any help I receive

Without seeing your file, it’s very difficult to tell what the problem is. Can you share it?

There aren’t any limitations with the trial version that would affect this sort of thing.

is it because the file is too big?

How big is the file?

Is this because I am on a subscription trial?

Probably not related, if this affects only one file.

or do I need to do something in the backend to fix the issue?

You can try this: In the window “Model Info” (in the Window menu) under “statistics” push the button Fix Problems.
If you are confident that everything you want is in the model, you can also “Purge Unused” and it will remove all components, materials, etc that are unused.

Kiosk.skp (5.9 MB)

Strangest damned thing. So I got the idea of copying and pasting into a new file. Totally worked. So I guess I’m good! curious if you guys have any thoughts as to why that might have been happening?

I’m not having any problems with anything in your model. You do have a lot of reversed faces and ungrouped geometry which isn’t good.

The blue faces are reversed.

Who are you designing this for? I don’t know of anyone who could work there and see over the front counter.

Instead of scaling up the components you get from the 3D Warehouse, maybe you want to draw your model using normal real world dimensions.

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That’s a good thing to try, though if you have scenes, you have to recreate those. There’s a potential, though generally small, for any computer file to get “corrupted”. 3d Warehouse imports are often trouble. Many people don’t find it worth it. A general approach is to download separately and look at the model before you bloat your file with it and its textures.

The file is a little slow on my machine. Just orbiting, it takes a second to get the textures to show. Those bananas could be diminished (don’t pile up the whole box), but even better put things on different layers so you can hide them while you are working and until the final set-up. Just hiding those bananas made the model act more smoothly. Or don’t even populate the model with things like that until you’re setting up the final scenes. There are loads of approaches to just be able to work easily with the real modeling tasks without those things dragging file down.

Hey Guys, thanks for taking time out of your day to help me out. I am a novice, clearly, but a passionate hobbyist so to speak. This is my second day of playing around with it so after extensive youtubing and practice i’m sure i’ll get the hang of it. As for the project itself, I own a restaurant so I decided to pick this up so I wouldn’t have to bug my uncle (who is an architect) anytime I had an idea.

Those are all great ideas and I’ll be sure to incorporate those into my practice. Have a nice afternoon gents!