Can't select a guide drawn over face of a group?

Hi! Hoping/assuming there’s a super simple solution I’m not seeing here.

I’m drawing guides over grouped walls (pictured). Even though I’m not within the group (IE not “editing the group”) when drawing these guidelines, the guides seem to get “lost” in the group, meaning I cannot select or use the guides. The only way I can select or snap to these guides is if I Hide the group, which makes it not very useful.

Thoughts? Seems like this should be pretty straightforward. Thanks!

I doubt if this is true. It looks as if you have drawn guidepoints with tails starting from endpoints.
These tails cannot be selected, only the guidepoints that they run from.
Infinite guides can be selected over their entire lengths.

Hey again Wo3Dan! Good to hear from you.

You are correct about the snapping to the tails part. Snapping to the endpoints still works.

However, the most confounding thing is simply being able to select the guide. I don’t know how to upload GIFs here like people do, but you’ll just have to trust me: if I click right on the guideline, nothing happens. it does not become selected. even if I open the wall group to edit it (IE, select the faces within that group) I cannot select the guides in that layer either. As stated in the OP, the only way I can select or manipulate those guide lines is by hiding the wall group.

Share the skp file itself, the 8th icon above the answering field. Or drag the skp file into the answering field itself while answering.

my skp is about 50 mb, so too big for here.

a further bit of evidence for the case, if I click the end points, I “select” the guideline. however I still cannot click the guideline itself as I can elsewhere. my hunch is that because the guidelines are placed “within” the wall group (even though I drew it on the “face” of the group), when clicking the guideline, it thinks Sketchup think I’m just trying to select the group. But yeah, for whatever reason it is still letting me select the endpoints of the guides, which is better than nothing.

To get a guide line from a snap point your can use the Protractor tool.

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@wildheartranchjt, once again, you can only select these guidepoints by selecting the points themselves. The tail cannot be selected by clicking on them.

Hey everyone! For everyone who claims I can only select this line/tail by selecting the points, watch me select it by clicking on the line.

Now, as stated in the OP, I can only select it once I’ve hidden this group. Why? I can clearly select the line, and this is how I’m used to selecting Guidelines always, just not when this group of walls is active.

Hope this GIF (I figured out how to make one haha) helps clarify: (sheesh, can’t figure out how to get the embed code to work but it’s here: - Find & Share on GIPHY

EDIT This gif cuts off before it shows me selecting the guide line by clicking DIRECTLY ON THE LINE (after hiding the wall group)

<iframe src="" width="480" height="350" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>

no idea why the embed code isn’t working, I give up! Link in my last reply will take you there though

Part 2: where it shows me selecting the same line once I hide the wall group: Part 2 of GIF

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To answer your question, Yes you can select a tail, but it is not easy and will generally be overridden by the group. You can use a selection fence around the tail including the point and it will select without hiding the group.

You can see here how the move tool will hilight the group until you get to the guide point. And clicking on the guidepoint works but not the tail.
GIF 21-03-2024 10-57-59 AM


@wildheartranchjt, so you can select a guidepoint by clicking on its tail, (a change in latest versions). I was wrong there. You can’t inference on the tail with tools like the ‘Line’ tool which was not your question.

Hi Box, thanks for this! Very helpful. Yes, drawing a left-to-right fence selecting the whole tail is one way to select it, though obviously often times a tail can grow to be quite long and/or depending on the positioning, difficult to draw a fence around it without selecting other things. this is why often times I prefer to simple click the tail. But you’re right, as you’re pointing out, if the tail is along the face of a group, Sketchup prioritizes the group selection. I guess it’s just a quirk I’m going to have to work around.

Regarding the GIF: you said to Click Share then “Copy Link” then paste into reply. That’s precisely what I did. But pasting a link just gives you a Hyperlink to the GIF on Giphy (which is what I did above). What I was trying to do was copy the embed code in GIPHY then paste the embed code in a reply here using the Embed tool. Unfortunately the result of that is the message above from 2 hours ago… just code.

Can you see your gif in my post above?
That is what I did, no embed code, just the copy link that the forum software then embeds.

You could drag a “right → left” window over a very small part of the tail to select the tail- guidepoint plus background (the group) and then deselect the group by holding down [Shift] when clicking on the group.