Can't see my model

I can’t see my models in Sketchup anymore! I f I try to make a new model it is the same. The only way to see that there is a model is to print a preview. I tried to uninstall and downloaded the latest 2019-version again but I didn’t help. I even tried to download Sketchup Viewer and it is the same! I can’t see anything. If I try to start a new model and choose e.g. the shapes tool and start draw a square I can see the measurements in the dimension field change but nothing happens in the drawing area.
I currently have a trial version with 17 days left and planning to buy it but right now it feels a bit shaky.
Is there anyone out there who can spread some light over this issue?
Kind regards

In SketchUp, go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Untick Use Fast Feedback. Does that help?

Yes! Thank you very much! Now I can see my model again!

Good. So that indicates the GPU in your computer is not really up to the task of supporting OpnGL which is a requirement for SketchUp. The change from being able to see your models to not is due to a graphics driver update most likely included in an automatic update pushed with a Windows update.

Ok. Make sense, I received an update yesterday…

You can count on receiving more updates, too, so you’ll just have to watch to see what happens.

If you can do it, you might want to consider a better, more suitable graphics card andmaybe that becomes an excuse for a new computer.

Ok… is this new for 2019 version? When I run the Sketchup 2018 Checkup it’s success.

Success: System RAM requirement has been met!
Success: Operating system version requirement has been met!
Success: Graphics card OpenGL requirement has been met!
Success: Graphics card RAM requirement has been met!
Success: Graphics card Hardware Acceleration requirement has been met!
Success: Graphics card capability tests have passed.

Congratulations, your computer has met all the minimum requirements to run SketchUp 2018.

No. It’s not new for SU2019 but since the release of SketchUp 2017, the requirement for a good graphics card is more important. In SU2016 and earlier, users could turn off Hardware Acceleration which would dump rendering duties onto the CPU. That option was removed with SU2017.

Integrated GPUs have never been recommended and while yours may meet the requirements according to CheckUp, it clearly depends on the drivers that are installed. You can search the forum and find reports of other users having the same issue you had and in every case, it was due to the GPU drivers for integrated graphics (most commonly Intel but there are others).

I think with the integrated graphics and being at the mercy of Microsoft and their never ending updates is a bit like driving a car that has a bad spot in the starter motor. You know that every once in awhile you’re going to have to get under the hood and bang the starter with a hammer to get the engine to start. You just don’t know when you’ll have to do that. Well, you can be pretty sure it’ll happen when it is pouring down rain. :smiley:

Many thanks for the clarification Dave! :smiley:

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Hi dave, please help me, unticking fast feedback doesnt fix the model, i have the same problem but mine is worst, ive tried to open new blank file and i try to draw a rectangle, i saw the measurements but i cant see anything on screen, its all white.

Try updating the graphics drivers and make sure the Nvidia card is being used to display SketchUp.