Can't save model without SU making a surface over opening

Well last night I waited over an hour for SU to save what I thought was a simple model (watched an entire 60 minute TV show while waiting). Had to ctrl, alt, delete to shut SU down. I had already previously waited patiently a great deal of time for several SU saves for the same thing. SU keeps skinning over and at first I had to hunt around for the very tiny problem. I changed some of the surfaces around which helped simplify things but SU won’t let the line close when the file is saved. I probably edited and saved a dozen times. The red circles indicate the location.

and the SU file. I can undo the save and it indicates "Undo Check Validity "

desk drawer pull2.skp (907.2 KB)

One option is to go into Preferences>General and turn off Automatically Check Models for Problems and Automatically fix problems.

If you are going to use this plate at normal size for a drawer pull, I think you’d do well to simplify the geometry.It’s pretty heavy for such a small part of a desk model.

Try this. I scaled the pull up a bit more, and then repaired the missing edges and use a weld extension to weld that tiny edge in with some of the surrounding edges. That seems to have cured the problem. You also had many of the surfaces reversed, showing the back side outward, which I fixed.

fixed SU17.skp (963.3 KB)

DaveR - I tried the auto check and fix option which works but I assume this will be turned off for all future models so after turning on again and another save the problem was back again. However I diddled with it a bit and was able to fix one area but the other area didn’t work out and skinned over again. Even tried copying and flipping the good one and pasting back in which may have worked but it surfaced over and couldn’t get the intersect function to do anything (I hate that intersect thing - never works without some kind of fuss).

endlessfix - Seems like an appropriate handle I could use for every project. Like the scale and weld idea. Tried but didn’t work for me. Don’t know about the reverse faces unless they were lost/changed in translation.

I think DaveR is probably right though. Quite a big file size, Bigger than the item it’s being applied to. Guess I got carried away trying to make it look like the real thing and didn’t think about how big the file was getting. Also have spent way too much time on the thing. Still have to do the pull. Thanks for all the suggestions.

Did you open the file I posted? Does that work for you?

If you turn View>Face Style>Monochrome you can see the white front faces or blue back faces.

I tried but I’m using SU17. If you want to bother posting a pic I’d like to see. Thanks

Apologies, I knew your version from your profile and had thought I had back-saved to SU17 I re uploaded a 17 version for sure this time, try the file again.

Hey @endlessfix the top surface of yours isn’t flat and it isn’t a solid.
Try this one.
I cut it in half, repaired the tiny edge problem by moving the vertex slightly, then did a copy and -1 scale to put the other half back.
But I also turned off length snapping in Window/Model Info/Units, this has a habit of causing tiny edge issues because things try to snap together but miss because the length is wrong.
desk drawer pull2Box.skp (881.3 KB)


Sweet, you went way deeper than I did. Much better. A beer for you sir, or a flat white, it’s morning there right?

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Yeah, Box’s model looks great. Tiny edge issues was mentioned. Noticed in my uploaded SU file that there is a hidden outline around areas I was having problems with, maybe part of my problem. Not sure when/how that got there. Got excited thinking I could make revisions as mentioned and could get this thing rapped up but that didn’t happen. Did something and every time I saved SU crashed and got a Bug Splat. Unfortunately didn’t save to new file so lost what I was working on but fortunately could still D/L my initial model posted here.

There wasn’t as many reversed faces as I expected. The whole back face was reversed but not sure when that happened. It seems SU always likes to throw something at ya just when you start feeling comfortable it’s doing it’s part of the job. When you stop to check things out you find something not quite as it was left which requires a large number of un-dos and then SU seems to run out of memory and starts plodding along taking forever when there are only a couple items left to fix (re my initial comment about having to wait 60 minutes for SU to save).

Decided to make 2 models. One just of high count pull and another low count for use on desk model.

So here’s how they turned out including image of pull itself I used for reference (although image used was another looking at backside).

Came out looking alright. One of my 2nd or 3rd models I uploaded was of antique stove which has some scrollwork/lattice-like items. Have wanted to rework one of them which has one edge wrapped on a radius. I’m not quite sure how to approach the radiused area yet though.

Thanks all for the suggestions and help.