Can't renew account

Hi, I tried to renew my Pro account with the instructions that I got - I went into “Edit Plan settings” , but there is no “Manage Auto-Renewal” anywhere to be seen. By the way, why did the annual price increase by $50?

If you have previously turned off auto renew, there isn’t a way to turn it back on again. Your last year subscription ended 3 days ago. You are giving several days to get a new subscription going again, before SketchUp would stop working for you. Effectively you would want to start a new Pro subscription.

The prices went up 10 months ago. I’m not sure if we explain anywhere why they went up, but there is this FAQ page to read:

Inflation. click here for the long version. warning, may include approximative math.

When the economy suffers a 20% inflation over 4 years, in particular in the energy sector (and servers love energy), you know it’ll end up changing the end user’s price.

it had not increased since 2019. We made the math last year, it’s actually below a constant yearly inflation, at least in the US (19,2%) and Europe (20,3%).

Trimble seems to have chosen to update pricing every few years, when many companies will go yearly or even shorter. So the step feels steeper but it is in fact a better deal than most. or… not as bad.

Had trimble followed the yearly inflation, we would have paid more straight away, roughly an extra 50 bucks : +12, +25, +37… and finally +50 instead of +0, +0, +0 and +50
(I know, inflation is not that constant but you get the idea. the end price is the same, but the cumulative price paid over the years is not)